Ch. CarMa's Treasure at Sapphire
Bred by Tina Halverson and Shelly Williams
Owned by Tina Halverson, Dianne Pearson and Shelly Williams


Ch. TADD's Armed and Dangerous
Ch. Turo's Overture, SOM
AM/Can Ch. Garnsey's Mad Max, SOM
Ch. Turo's Kaleidoscope
CH TADD's Bluecollar Texan Tequila
Ch. Ellis' Laissez Les Bon Temp Rouler
TADD's Cowgirl Serenade
Ch. Sapphire's Magic Smoke of TJ
Ch. Interlude's Never a Doubt
Ch. Breezewood's Lord of Wystmont, SOM
Interlude's We Danced
Ch. Sapphire's Dances for Money
Ch. Burlwood's Lover Boy, SOM
Sapphire's Tulane Trip, DOM